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Welcome to the
Blue Cat Brew Pub
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113 Eighteenth Street • Rock Island, Illinois 61201


Fax: 1-309-788-8270


Monday through Saturday
11:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.



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cerulean, azure; the color of water, a flowing substance necessary for life - any relation to our beer as a substance which promotes the good life, livin' it up, enjoying those relaxing afternoons and evenings?; the color of the sky - the sky's the limit, enjoy the view of the clouds and the clear blue sky, memories of being a kid lying in the fresh cut grass watching the sky fly by and being an adult dreaming of those carefree days and taking each little pleasure in life and enjoying it to its fullest - with a cold glass of handcrafted Blue Cat beer, perhaps a fine cigar, and one heck of a good steak.

one cool dude; of or pertaining to being hip; a sense of style and flair; the tunes of the swing and jazz greats and the sounds of the roaring twenties and other stuff that permeated the culture of the not long ago past, when brewing and having fun were a part of everyday for residents of the Quad Cities. Bringing that happenin' culture back with both those sounds, a great beer, and even alternative contemporary sounds of today. Related to the nature of the beat poets, etc. when adventure in everyday life was the rule.

zymurgy, the love of beer. The art of handcrafting an ale and/or lager for the enjoyment of the local community. Making a product which appeals to the sense of smell (oh the scent of the fresh hops and malts), of sight (don't ya love it when you can't see through the glass of stout in your hand?), of texture (the velvety feel of a swallow of a smooth ale), and of taste. There is nothing like a fresh beer - THIS IS WHAT THEY CALL HANDLE WITH CARE - like a tiffany lamp, a grand piano, a fine wine, etc. We just make it fresh, put it in an English pint glass and ...

the original Blue Cat Brew Pub, a local establishment which creates fine food and handcrafted ales and lagers for first hand sampling. A place to meet - friends, family, business partners, and whatever combination there may be. A place to propose to that special someone (which has been done here quite often). A place whose philosophy lives the adage to be a place where everyone knows your name. A place where the staff love to meet people and make new friends from across the country. Shoot some pool, throw some darts, just hang out if you want. Get taken care of by people who know what good service is all about. A center of enjoyment and repose. A place to go more often than not because this is where you can relax!"

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Blue Bastard Baltic Porter


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Remember: Going to a Brew Pub and not sampling the local brew is like going to a famous bordello just to listen to the piano player.


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